Ross McAdams
So far so good, the new site build is coming along nicely, I have most of the AngularJS built out. Since the new design is almost non-existent I am keep it under wraps for now.
I am now not rebuilding the site in Backbone, I have move on to AngularJS. I am enjoying this much more. I am also working on a new design at the same time, so it's a slow process.
Time to learn some new tech. I have decided to learn Backbone. Right now I have nothing to show, but then again I just started. As I get more test projects running I will add links to them. The plan is to convert this whole site to Backbone.
I have added a link to my GitHub profile under 'About'
There is now public access to a test account in the Serenity Character Sheet, feel free to mess around with it. Don't forget to sign out when you are done.
Add a secondary session id to the character sheet to prevent multi sign in.
I added a transitioning 'billboard' to 'Projects'
I added to 'Projects' there is now a clock to look at. I originally made it in '07, now it has been brought back to life.
Added a 'More' button to the home page. Now the older site news can be viewed.
I have finally updated the site with a new design, HTML, CSS and PHP code. It's a little experimental for me but hey it works.[br][br]Also more to come once I get around to it.